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Your Vote Matters, The Harms of “Trans Refuge” Laws

Katherine Kersten of the American Experiment reminds us why it matters that we vote, and who we vote for, in this piece on the extreme, dangerous laws Minnesota’s political leaders enacted in 2023.

Read the article here.

Your Vote Matters, The Harms of "Trans Refuge" Laws

UK Council Issues Statement on Exploratory Therapy

The UK Council on Psychotherapy has issued a statement acknowledging that gender exploratory therapy is distinct from conversion therapy, that there are risks to transgender interventions, and that there are a plurality of views on how to treat gender dysphoria.

The statement follows recent case law that protects people from being discriminated against on the basis of their belief in biological integrity.

Read the UKCP statement here.

UK rulings on gender critical beliefs in the workplace.

UK Council Issues Statement on Exploratory Therapy

Federal Judge Heard Challenge to Idaho Protective Law

On Monday, a Federal Judge heard oral arguments for and against an Idaho bill that protects children from transgender interventions. If the bill takes effect, it will prohibit the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries on minors.

Read more here.

Federal Judge Heard Challenge to Idaho Protective Law

Is the AAP Putting its Members at Risk?

In a City Journal article, author Leo Sapir critiques the AAP as it comes under fire from recent lawsuits, suggesting that the organization’s members may face legal risk for following its guidance.

Read the article here.

Genspect Hosts “Bigger Picture” Conference

Genspect, an organization opposing transgender interventions on youth, hosted a conference in Denver featuring detransitioners, medical experts, and political advocates.

See the full list of speakers here.

Genspect Hosts "Bigger Picture" Conference