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Speaker of the House Takes Firm Stand on Transgender Interventions

We are encouraged by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s bold statements in support of protecting children from transgender interventions and support his leadership on this issue.

At a July hearing led by Johnson, he described transgender interventions as “anything but affirming or caring,” and has called for legal protection of children from its harms.

Read excerpts from the hearing here.

Pioneer of “Gender Affirming Care” Condemns Interventions

Chief psychiatrist of Finland’s Tampere University Hospital Department of Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, was tasked with implementing “gender services” for youth at her hospital in 2011. Kaltiala has published multiple studies since then revealing grave concerns behind transgender interventions on minors. In an article for the Free Press, Kaltiala chronicles her journey from pioneer to critic of dangerous interventions for gender dysphoria.

Read Dr. Kaltiala’s article here.

Read Dr. Kaltiala’s latest research here.

Show Your Teens This PragerU Video

PragerU released a short documentary featuring interviews with young detransitioners, experts, and attorneys on the harms of transgender interventions. This video is a wake-up call to protect children from the dangers of this ideology!

Watch the short documentary here.