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We’ve witnessed so many encouraging advancements in the fight to protect children from transgender ideology, but there is still a long way to go. Read on to learn about a bill that could keep California parents in the dark about their child’s gender transition at school, and a monopoly on child protection centers that is seeking to enshrine “gender affirming care.”

The Biological Integrity Team
The American College of Pediatricians

California Lawmakers Pass Bill Preventing Schools from Telling Parents about Child Gender Transitions

The California Senate has passed a bill “Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth” (SAFETY) that would prohibit schools from requiring that parents be informed of anything related to a child’s gender.

California’s LGBTQ Caucus calls policies that require teachers to notify parents “forced outing.”

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Accreditation Monopolies Enshrine “Gender Affirmation” in Centers Protecting Children from Abuse

The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is the main accreditation association for child advocacy centers across the US. However, the NCA is a staunch promoter of dangerous transgender interventions and state legislatures are being faced with bills that would grant it “sole statutory control” over the accreditation of abuse protection centers.

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Mississippi Pediatric Clinic Sues Biden Admin Over “Gender Identity” Rule

McComb Children’s Clinic is suing the Biden Administration over a rule change that essentially forces the clinic to “lose federal funding or risk severe penalties unless it provides, promotes, or refers for harmful procedures.”

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