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The Cass Review continues to take U.S. culture and politics by storm. In fact, talk show host Bill Maher recently quoted from it as he called out the “woke excess” of the medical establishment in the U.S.. Read more of the latest in the fight to protect kids from transgender ideology below including news of the 25th state to enact a protective law.

The Biological Integrity Team
The American College of Pediatricians

South Carolina Becomes the 25th State to Protect Children from Transgender Interventions

Yesterday, South Carolina Governor McMaster signed the Help Not Harm bill into law. The new law will protect children transgender interventions and makes South Carolina the 25th state to enact such a law.

Read what Sen. Verdin says about the law.

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Bill Maher Cites Cass Review, Decries US “Gender-Affirming Care”

Talk show host and cultural commentator Bill Maher read excerpts from the Cass Review to his audience as he called out the U.S. for being “behind” the UK and other European countries on this issue.

“I don’t think we should be doing medical interventions on kids before they can figure out who they are,” said Maher.

Watch Maher here.

Mississippi Pediatric Clinic Sues Biden Admin Over “Gender Identity” Rule

McComb Children’s Clinic is suing the Biden Administration over a rule change that essentially forces the clinic to “lose federal funding or risk severe penalties unless it provides, promotes, or refers for harmful procedures.”

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