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A report on files obtained from WPATH, the leading global authority on “gender-affirming care,” reveal disturbing unethical practices within the transgender industry. The findings are deeply troubling, and yet we are grateful that the truth is being revealed so that these abuses will be stopped. ACPeds will be issuing comments shortly, so stay tuned and take a moment to look through the WPATH Files for yourself.

The Biological Integrity Team

The American College of Pediatricians

WPATH Internal Statements Confirm Worst Suspicions of the Gender Industry

Files obtained from inside WPATH, one of the most authoritative global “gender-affirming care” organizations, expose horrific medical malpractice and failure to meet basic standards of evidence-based medicine.

A report of the files, published by Environmental Progress, detail these findings and confirm concerns that have been expressed by ACPeds and allies for a long time.

A press release at Environmental Progress says “the WPATH Files show how far medical experiments in gender medicine have gone.” ACPeds will be issuing comments on the files shortly.

Read the WPATH Files report here.

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New Finnish Study Debunks Suicide Myth, Again

A new study out of Finland examined mortalities (including suicide) of individuals who had been referred to one of the two gender identity clinics in Finland before the age of 23 and between 1996 and 2019.

The authors concluded that their findings did “…not support the claims that GR is necessary in order to prevent suicide,” and that “It is of utmost importance to identify and appropriately treat mental disorders in adolescents experiencing [gender dysphoria] to prevent suicide.”

Read the study here.

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