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We continue to be encouraged as more states enact laws that protect children from the harms of transgender interventions. Last week, Wyoming became the 24th state to do so. Learn more about the new law here, and check out the latest news below in the fight against gender ideology.

The Biological Integrity Team

The American College of Pediatricians

Wyoming Becomes 24th State to Protect Children from Transgender Interventions

Last week, Wyoming enacted legislation to protect children from transgender surgeries. Now, 24 states have laws protecting children from the harms of transgender interventions.

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Dr. Quentin Van Meter Discusses WPATH Files, “puberty is not a disease”

ACPeds’ Dr. Quentin Van Meter joined The World and Everything in It to unpack the WPATH files and more on gender dysphoria and pediatric endocrinology.

Listen to “Let Them Grow Up” here.

Does “Affirmation” Stop Suicides? Dr. Jane Anderson on The Dr. J Show

ACPeds’ Dr. Jane Anderson joined Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Insitute to discuss treatment of gender dysphoria and the claim that “affirming” interventions prevent suicide.

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