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It is clear that pressure is mounting against WPATH, the largest global authority on transgender interventions. Recently, journalists have noticed material related to interventions on children missing the organization’s website. ACPeds, through its Biological Integrity Initiative, is proud to be part of driving that change! Find out more about what is happening at WPATH.

The Biological Integrity Team

The American College of Pediatricians

WPATH Exposé Continues in Wake of Internal Files Revealed

Following the publishing of internal files and documents from WPATH, the largest global authority on transgender interventions, the organization appears under pressure as certain guidelines related to children no longer appear on their website.

Find out what was removed here.

Poland Psychologist Organization Releases Gender Dysphoria Therapy Guidelines

The Association of Christian Psychologists in Poland has released standards and guidelines surrounding gender dysphoria in adolescents. The guidelines respect biological integrity and prioritize psychotherapy.

ACPeds’ Dr. Michelle Cretella calls the guidelines an “anthropologically and scientifically sound document grounded in the ancient medical ethics principle of first do no harm.”

Read the guidelines here.

Does “Affirmation” Stop Suicides? Dr. Jane Anderson on The Dr. J Show

ACPeds’ Dr. Michelle Cretella is featured in a recent Epoch Times article citing the lack of research surrounding induced lactation in males and harm to babies.

“The greatest problem with so-called male chest-feeding, however, is not a scientific matter, but an ethical one,” Cretella says.

Watch Dr. Anderson here.