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Please take a moment to watch ACPeds’ Dr. Quentin Van Meter respond to “gender affirming” doctors on the Edify Podcast, and check out the new activewear brand XX-XY Athletics standing up for girls in sports.

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Supreme Court to Hear Case on Constitutionality of Laws Protecting Minors from Transgender Interventions 

The case United States v. Jonathan Skrmetti et al. will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in the fall. Families have sued the state of Tennessee for its law protecting children from transgender surgeries and prescriptions.

The law is currently in effect after being upheld in the Sixth Circuit following challenges.

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This Activewear Brand is Standing up for Girls in Sports, TikTok Permanently Banned Them 

Jennifer Sey, a former elite gymnast and advocate for women in sports, has launched an activewear brand called “XX-XY Athletics” to speak truth to the harms of gender ideology.

The brand’s launch video featuring Riley Gaines and Chloe Cole was removed from TikTok, and the brand was permanently banned from the platform.

Watch the powerful promo video here.

Pediatric Endocrinologist Shares Truth About “Gender Affirming Care” on Edify Podcast 

ACPeds’ Dr. Quentin Van Meter joined the Edify Podcast for an in-depth discussion of what he’s learned about the reality of transgender interventions on children.

Watch him react to clips of doctors within the “gender affirming care” industry.

Watch the conversation here.