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Thanks to your support, ACPeds announced the release of the Doctors Protecting Children Declaration last week, and tens of millions have viewed it and thousands have signed in support. If you haven’t already, sign the declaration and share it with healthcare professionals and concerned family and friends!

The Biological Integrity Team
The American College of Pediatricians

Elon Musk Joins Millions Supporting Doctors Protecting Children Declaration on X

Dr. Jill Simon’s press conference announcement of the Doctors Protecting Children Declaration has been viewed over 54 million times, thanks to support from prominent social media voices including Elon Musk.

The declaration has been signed thousands of times, and tens of thousands of people have visited

Read and sign the declaration here.

Dr. Jill Simons on Newsmax “I know I have a majority of doctors and physicians behind me”

Chile Halts Puberty Blockers and Shuts Down Prominent Gender Clinic Following Media Scrutiny

Chile’s Health Minister Ximena Aguilera has reportedly called for a halt to the prescription of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors.

This follows intense media scrutiny that led to the shut down of Chile’s most prominent gender clinics last week.

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