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Check out the latest news and resources on the fight to protect children from the harms of transgender ideology below! You can be part of protecting biological integrity by signing an International Declaration on Therapeutic Choice.


The Biological Integrity Team

The American College of Pediatricians

Ohio House Overrides Gov. DeWine’s Veto of Protective Laws

The story continues to unfold in Ohio as the House voted to override the governor’s veto of a bill that would protect minors from transgender surgeries. 

See how ideologues spin the news here.

ACPeds Signs International Declaration on Therapeutic Choice

ACPeds has joined the International Declaration on “Conversion Therapy” and Therapeutic Choice as an organizational signatory. The declaration urges governing authorities and organizations to recognize counseling choice as part of an internationally-recognized right to self-determination. You can sign the declaration too!

Sign the declaration here.

New Must-Watch Documentary on Detransitioners

The Center for Bioethics and Culture released Lost Boys: Searching for Manhood, a documentary following five young men struggling with gender dysphoria and the messages culture sends young boys and men.

Watch the documentary here.