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Check out the latest news and resources on the fight to protect children from the harms of transgender ideology below! Be sure to listen to or watch our very own Dr. Jill Simons on The Spillover Podcast.


The Biological Integrity Team

The American College of Pediatricians

Ohio Governor DeWine Issues Executive Order Against Transgender Interventions

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine vetoed The Saving Adolescents from Experimentation act two weeks ago, issuing an executive order with a similar goal one week later. The bill’s sponsor has said that, “temporary administrative orders are no substitute for solid legislation.”

Find out what DeWine has to say here.

Dr. Jill Simons Talks Corruption in Pediatrics with Alex Clark

ACPeds’ Dr. Jill Simons joined Alex Clark on The Spillover for a conversation about the American Academy of Pediatrics, what led her to fight to protect children, and the dangers of transgender interventions being ignored in medicine today.

Watch the fascinating discussion here.

New Hampshire House Passes Bill Protecting Children from Transgender Interventions

Members of the New Hampshire House have successfully passed a bill prohibiting transgender interventions surgeries on minors. The bill would not prohibit puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Read more here.