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Our recent position statement on mental health in adolescents with gender dysphoria has garnered significant media attention, including in an Epoch Times article covering the issue in Canada. Take a moment to read these exclusive statements from lead author Dr. Jane Anderson.

The Biological Integrity Team
The American College of Pediatricians

Dr. Jane Anderson Talks Puberty Blockers & Brain Development with the Epoch Times

ACPeds’ Dr. Jane Anderson, one of the lead authors of the recent position statement on mental health and gender dysphoria, was featured heavily in Epoch Times coverage of the “gender affirming care” debate playing out in Canada.

Read what Dr. Jane Anderson has to say here.

Exposing the Money Behind the Transgender Industry

In a recent piece, influential journalist Chris Rufo sheds light on the realities behind the transgender ideology movement, a perfect storm of immense financial backing and political activism.

Read “The Business of Transgenderism” here.

Whistleblower Says Texas Children’s Hospital Was Illegally Performing Transgender Interventions

A former surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital says the hospital continued to perform transgender interventions on minors even after they became prohibited by law. Dr. Eithan Ham, the whistleblower, claims that the federal agents have launched an investigation into him.

Read more about the politically motivated investigation here.