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As laws that protect children from transgender ideology come under attack, and the U.S. declares a national transgender day of visibility on Easter, we remain confident that the truth is winning. Take a look at the latest example of research revealing the harms of transgender interventions.


The Biological Integrity Team
The American College of Pediatricians

Suicide Attempt Rates Double After Transgender Surgeries

ACPeds member Dr. Alfonso Oliva is featured in an Epoch Times article detailing research that reveals a concerning correlation between vaginoplasties and increased suicide attempts.

Learn more about the research here.

Ohio Law Protecting Children Comes Under Legal Attack by ACLU

ACPeds’ Dr. Quentin Van Meter is quoted extensively in response to the ACLU filing a lawsuit against Ohio’s policy that protects minors from transgender interventions.

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Dr. Jane Anderson Discusses Treatment of Gender Dysphoria with the The College Fix

ACPeds’ Dr. Jane Anderson unpacks the truth about treating adolescent gender dysphoria: “There is no good evidence that those interventions prevent suicides in adolescents seeking them.They may actually increase that risk.”

See what Dr. Anderson says here.