April 19, 2023
Full article with video can be viewed HERE

Project Veritas released a new video today exposing the transgender surgery industry — where several medical professionals were surreptitiously recorded admitting that children as young as eight years of age are considered for gender transitions.

According to industry experts, transgender surgeries are a lucrative business which leads certain doctors to conduct them for profit at the expense of patients – who are often young teens.

Dr. John Steever, who works in the Pediatrics division of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York City, explained to a Veritas journalist how he views the gender transition process. He believes that most teens can make life-altering choices on their own.

“I follow the WPATH guidelines, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health guidelines, and really what they would say is, the way to go at this age – age 10 — would be something like a puberty blocker…and that really stops puberty pretty quickly so that no further development of the secondary sexual characteristics happen. So, things like, there’s no real chest development. There’s no menstruation. Things like that,” Dr. Steever said.

“When you then get to age 14 is when I’ll consider some, you know, cross-gender hormones. Fourteen [years-old] is a reasonable age. Most kids are mature enough to make a relatively informed decision,” he said.

“Cross-gender hormones, testosterone in this case, you know, do have some permanent effects. So, I need the patient to be a little — to be mature enough to make a relatively informed decision. I get it, that there are some 14-year-olds that are not, you know, mature — but generally speaking, they are usually pretty good.”

Another New York City doctor, Matthew Pabis, told a Veritas journalist how much effort he is willing to put in to arrange gender surgery for young children:

Veritas Journalist: “You don’t think anybody can do that for a 10-year-old, to do the [gender-reassignment] surgery?”

Dr. Matthew Pabis, Family Medicine Specialist, St. Mark’s Institute for Mental Health [New York, NY]: “They could, yeah!”

Veritas Journalist: “To reduce it [breasts]? That’s who we’re looking for.”

Dr. Pabis: “That’s going to definitely be a psychiatrist to sign off on it. 100 percent.”

Veritas Journalist: “If we were able to get that through from a certified psychiatrist, we could bring that into the person–”

Dr. Pabis: “Then the surgeon would be able to do the surgery.”

Veritas Journalist: They wouldn’t be like, ‘Oh, they’re too young?’”

Dr. Pabis: “Again, the sort of psychiatrist — I’m going to hook you up with the groups that actually do this. Like, centers.”

Veritas Journalist: “Okay.”

Dr. Pabis: “Centers that do this, so they will have all the resources in one. I’m not going to leave you hanging.”

Nora Scott, who works at the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas, went even further. She admitted that children under 10 years of age can be considered for gender transition.

“We do have patients who are starting [transition] as young as eight, nine [years old],” she said.

To date, neither New York nor Texas has laws in place that restrict the age at which children can undergo sex changes. The question then becomes how young is too young for one to go through these permanent bodily changes?

Prisha Mosley, one of the countless individuals that has been pressured into transitioning, spoke to Project Veritas about her experience.

“They [doctors] said it was transition or suicide. Like, I was given no choice. I was told, ‘You will kill yourself if you don’t go through with these treatments.’”