Do No Harm | September 13, 2023
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Good news from Indiana. At its September meeting, the Indiana State Medical Association largely sided with common sense, medical ethics, and equal treatment over divisive ideology. As the primary representative of the state’s medical professionals, ISMA deserves credit for tackling tough issues and generally doing the right thing.

ISMA debated several resolutions, with positive outcomes:

  • No Trans Care For Children: ISMA passed a resolution opposing all “medical and surgical gender transition treatment for minors in the state of Indiana.” This is a big win for children, who deserve protection from invasive and irreversible treatments that can seriously damage their mental and physical health. This resolution also reinforces the fact that physicians oppose such treatments, which are largely pushed by radical activists and politicized medical associations.
  • No Condemnation of Anti-DEI Laws: ISMA refused to pass a resolution opposing state laws that get DEI out of medical schools. The resolution was introduced by a medical student, showing the radicalization that’s creeping into medical education. Instead of passing the resolution, ISMA kicked it to a board for further study – effectively killing it for now.

These positive steps should inspire the Indiana General Assembly to take up the torch of reform. State lawmakers should continue to protect children from transgender activists, while taking bold action to get DEI out of medical education – especially at the IU School of Medicine, which is one of the most politicized in America.

Lawmakers have the support of the state’s physicians. Now they just need the courage to act.