Meet Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole is a 19 year old detransitioner from The Central Valley of California. She started her transition at 12 years old, puberty blockers and testosterone at 13 and a double mastectomy at 15 years old. She detransitioned at 16.

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Teen FAQs

Your pain is real. We want to help you make the decision that’s best for you. Please check out these super key questions before medication or surgery. 

We know that you are experiencing strong and conflicting feelings. At times it may feel as if no one is listening to you. However, we want you to have REAL information before making decisions that may change your life. The truth is that taking medications to help you look like the other sex may actually make you feel worse. They can increase emotional problems, depression, and thoughts of hurting yourself. There is no evidence that opposite sex hormones make you feel better. If you have surgeries to try to make your body look like the opposite sex, there is a lot of pain and complications associated with these surgeries.

Again, opposite sex hormones can increase thoughts of hurting yourself. That is not safe! Some of these medications can increase your risk of strokes and heart attacks and some types of cancer. That is not safe! Serious complications from surgeries occur. That is not safe!

These medications increase unhealthiness. They are linked with  increased emotional distress and moodiness, weak bones, possible cognitive impairment – meaning they might interfere with your memory – seizures, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks to name just a few health risks. We would not classify this as healthy. In fact, this 30 year study showed that adults who “transition” have a 3 times greater risk of untimely death than the general population.

Taking medications or cross sex hormones and puberty blockers may cause permanent infertility. This means that you could never have a baby naturally in the future even if you stopped taking the medications because you changed your mind. 

    1. Am I really ready to give up my ability to ever have biological children for life? 
    2. Have I ever changed my mind about stuff before?

If you start cross sex hormones, then you will have to take these for life. Your body will not suddenly start to make opposite sex hormones.